A 7-Days itinerary to explore in and around Bali – PolkaJunction

Putting together a 7-days itinerary to Bali has been quite a herculean task. Honestly, this Indonesian Hindu island has got so much to experience and explore that a couple easily be dedicated to just lazing around the beaches and indulging in the water sports activities, While another couple of weeks visiting at least a handful of volcanoes and temples that this island is peppered with!

No doubt that Bali is a backpackers paradise, an exotic honeymoon destination and a digital nomad’s dream. However, as a family traveller, I found the tropical paradise of Bali – a perfect family destination too. Well, if you are rolling your eyes wondering, ‘Why the heck will I take my family to a place like Bali which is a solo traveller’s dream?’…Ahem,Ahem…Maybe your spouse is also reading this write-up.

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