Chandrani Chakraborty, Manager – Marketing & Public Relation Communications
I have a penchant for travelling and an affinity towards exploring destinations and that is what has drawn me to the tourism industry. Integrity, dedication, perseverance and innovativeness are qualities that I treasure and rigorously practice. Challenges in life drive my motivation up by several notches as I thrive in succeeding in adversity. Learning to me is a continuous process of gleaning, imbibing and applying knowledge to achieve wholesome outcomes. I always keep my mind open to allow flow of ideas and concepts like fresh air. Last but not least life to me, is a rejoicement in an environment of trust and fraternity.

Exploring new destinations is my true calling, and I do this through real and virtual travel. This has helped me create interesting stories and ideas to promote destinations beyond the ordinary and obvious. I see digital and social media as two very key aspects of my job in India and the vastness of this media form is another exciting new learning for me. I always keep my mind open to the flow of ideas and concepts. Integrity, dedication and perseverance are qualities that make me a strong human being. My lifeline is my circle of friends, family and extended family all over the world.