Why is it a pleasure to visit Mauritius?

Written by Ami Bhatt

Mauritius – a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, has always promoted itself as a place that is a pleasure to visit. I have always heard a lot about this country – so much that I at one time, had shortlisted it to be my honeymoon destination, sadly i could not make it back then but had always heard form my other friends that every bit of their trip was just a marvelous experience, the reviews and pictures were enough for me to add it to my bucket list and thanks to the Mauritius tourism board, i finally managed to see and more importantly, affirm the fact that Mauritius was indeed a pleasure to visit.

A tiny green blob of land in a vast ocean of blue is how Mauritius appeared to me through the window of Air Mauritius. The pristine atmosphere of the island was evident from high up there and i can promise you that it was indeed the case on ground. It is not just the clear blue waters or the pristine atmosphere that makes this country so pleasurable. It is a combination of a lot of things – the culture, the activities, its natural attractions to name a few. It is the fact that Mauritius has something for everyone – no matter how diverse your interests are, that makes it a pleasure for all who visit it. Here are my 10 reasons that will prove that Mauritius is just a perfect destination for all.

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