Sanjay Sondhi, President
Sanjay starting his career with medicine, coming from a renowned family of Unani practitioners. Switching over to tourism was not very difficult because of his love for adventure and travelling to new and unique destinations. Sanjay leads the business with a sharp and motivated team. His hobbies include running, tennis, swimming & golf. In his spare time he likes to indulge in adventure activities with river rafting and trekking being his all time favourites.

Vasudha Sondhi, Director Market Strategy & Research
Born in Chennai and educated in Mumbai and New Delhi, I have worked with international hotel companies and held leadership roles. Together with Sanjay, I founded Outbound Marketing in 2002 and OM Tourism in 2008. We are recognised as one of the most professionally run sales and marketing organisations in India.
Being an avid traveller, I love adventure, experiences and mystery in my travel. It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to fulfil the travel aspirations of the Indian travellers, with our creative marketing of hotels and destinations.
My team is my strength and my clients inspire me to learn, unlearn and learn again.

Shelly Chandhok, Country Manager VITO
I am in this industry because I love to travel.
I have what it takes to be in the service industry- diligence, patience, organized and hard working. I stay calm and focused, with a natural ability to make people feel ‘at ease’ in a stressful situation. Every day I work to improve myself and my skills—that’s part of becoming better at what I do.
My interest lies in travel, travel and more travel and my hobbies are reading and chanting( Buddhism). Cooking works as a stress buster.

Vivek Anand, Country Manager MTPA
My interests include reading and I am an avid follower of cricket and Formula1. A rich and varied career that encompasses marketing, advertising, printing and publishing industries, spanning thirty years, has helped me to grow both as a professional and as an individual. This made my move into the travel and hospitality business easier. I love meeting people and engaging with them, and that gives me valuable insights into human behaviour.

Carmen Heinrich, Representative OMT Europe
I am working in the travel business development, matching partners, searching for new potential. The challenge to bring people and business together inspires me every day, keeps me going. As passionate and reliable women, the daily platter of business, private and social life I consider as gift.
I love playing volleyball with my team, and so I spend my leisure time with sport, volunteering and family.

Chandrani Chakraborty, Manager – Marketing & Public Relation Communications
Exploring new destinations is my true calling, and I do this through real and virtual travel. This has helped me create interesting stories and ideas to promote destinations beyond the ordinary and obvious. I see digital and social media as two very key aspects of my work life and the vastness of this media form is another exciting new learning for me. I always keep my mind open to the flow of ideas and concepts. Integrity, dedication and perseverance are qualities that make me a strong human being. My lifeline is my circle of friends, family and extended family all over the world.

Renu Kundaliya, Manager - Trade Sales
I enjoy my career in the tourism industry as I have plenty of challenges and variety in learning. I try to incorporate my philosophy of “everything is possible and can be achieved” with hard work. Travelling to new destinations is my passion and I would love to be able to motivate more and more people to experience the joys of travel. My hobbies include shopping, driving and fitness. I practise yoga quite regularly.

Mohammad Kaleem – Assistant Manager - Digital and Social Media
aka Baba Kaleemam. From BPO to the travel industry has been a fun ride. My immense interest in meeting new people and experiencing new destinations made me stay and grow in this industry. In a short span, I have been through several interesting projects with hotels, destinations, internal and external sales and travel agency trainings. I have finally found my true calling with social and digital media. Changing trends of the travel industry and the opportunity to be creative, living in a digital era keeps this medium of communication alive and interesting. I "Dig it all".