23 Colors of Earth, Quad Rides And The Longest Zip Line

Written by Manjulika PramodMTPA 01

Hey, I am back with yet another unique travel post. I explored this exciting place in Mauritius.

23 colors of soil in a valley, adventurous quad-riding options, longest zip line (1.5 km), Nepalese bridge, fern gardens, animal farms, waterfall in natural intimacy, amazing view of the Indian Ocean, great food in the restaurant, an offbeat wedding location and more – I was delighted to find it all at the La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park in MAURITIUS.  On the last day of my trip to Republic of Mauritius, I had a chance to explore this unique valley with gets its fame from 23-colored earth, discovered on the 4th of July 1998.  When I heard about its distinct geological formation, I was as curious as any other tourist would be.  Therefore, it does make one of the much-talked about attractions of the island.


23 Colors of Earth in Mauritius is a unique attraction!

Being the consequence of volcanic wonders of our Earth, 23-coloured earth’s origin dates back to millions of years and gets this unique formation due to the eruption of Bassin Blanc volcano. The volcano and the chemical transformation of these volcanic ashes have given this unique character to this valley.

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