Beachcomber, Mauritius: My Most Luxurious Hotel Stay

There is a piece of loveliness in the Indian Ocean and it is called Mauritius.

An indulging, pampering and luxurious holiday in Mauritius means a stay in Beachcomber hotels and resorts.I had heard this, read this and can absolutely vouch for it. One of their properties, Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa puts you into a beautiful dream right from the word go. It is a gorgeous property with spectacular ocean views.  Till date, I have lovely memories from my stay and  it remains to top the list of my favorite resorts that I have lived in. In fact, the gorgeousness and the hospitality of it grew on me so much that I was pained to depart. I literally did not want to leave the place.

Listed among the most-loved island countries of the world, Mauritius boasts of pristine beaches and stunning properties. The island earns a character from its white sandy beaches, palm trees, sugarcane fields, idyllic settings, delicious food, hospitality, spectacular Le Morne and more. The island is not just a luxurious destination for the affluent travelers, a paradise for the newly-wed couples, a haven for explorers but also a treat for photographers.

I am proud of my picture-perfect postcards from Mauritius. The sunrises were healing and the sunsets were to die for.

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