From Gudi Padwa to Vesak Day, you must experience these festival celebrations


VESAK DAY RITUALS When: May 9­11, 2017

­ Celebrating Buddhism ‘s most holy event on Vesak 2561/2562, thousands of Buddhists from Indonesia and across the region will congregate at the magnificent Borobudur Temple in Central Java to take part in the series of rituals and ceremonies. While, the pinnacle of the ceremony will occur during full moon on 11th May 2017. Borobudur is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and is recognised as the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Built around a hill, the temple is a marvel of design containing 504 statues of the Buddha and 2,672 relief panels. It is a mere one hour drive from the popular tourist city of Yogyakarta and is closer still from Central Java fs capital city, Semarang.

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