We attended two shows based on the Ramayana in two Indonesian cities. Here’s a report.

One constant feature of all the Indonesian cities that we have travelled in is that every evening they have a Rama and Shinta (Sita) show. So on the second day of our stay in Yogyakarta (pronounced as Jogjakarta) we were taken to watch Ramayana Ballet show in The Prambanan Temple complex.

A few minutes away from the auditorium, we met the artistes who play Prabhu Ram, Shinta Dewi and Hanoman. On seeing them, the camera happy tourists went on a photo clicking spree. We tried to strike a conversation with the lady who played Shinta. Unfortunately, she didn’t speak English and with the help of our tourist guide, Yanni, we learnt that she has been playing the goddess’ role for 17 years now.

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