Mauritius beyond beaches

Seven reasons to visit Mauritius that don’t involve a beach

Mark Twain called it “paradise”, and Joseph Conrad “a pearl”. The visuals of turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches pop up in our minds on hearing Mauritius. No doubt Mauritius is one of those few places in the world you can fall in love with immediately… even before landing.

But is that all? Is Mauritius only about picture perfect beaches? Have you ever wondered what else can Mauritius boast about? Mauritius isn’t just about beautiful beaches.

Very few people know that Mauritius has another side to it which gets overlooked. With history of different cultures, geological wonders, natural spectacles there is much more to this tiny gorgeous island called Mauritius.

If you are planning to visit the country, explore a different Mauritius besides just the beaches. Experience the new Mauritius!

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