Mauritius Dragonboat Festival pays tribute to patriotic poet

Mauritius Dragonboat Festival would be conducted in this beautiful island country on 21st May this year.

The grand festival is marked by an annual race that not only celebrates Mauritian people from China. But, it is also organized on collaboration with the China Cultural Centre. The local teams compete against the ones from the neighbouring Rodrigues and Reunion islands.

They then race the traditionally adorned dragon boats.

This is done with an aim to pay a tribute to Qu Yuan, a historic Chinese poet. Along with the boat races, the Chengdu Artistic Troupe and local artists also end up impressing the crowds.

In this colorful festival, about 8 to 10 teams of 25 participants generally take part. Reunion and Rodrigues island are invited to participate in the dragon boat race competition that is held at Caudan Waterfront. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has also invited a cultural troupe, under the Cultural Exchange Programme who would perform during the festival along with the regional artists.

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