Wildlife & Nature Parks of Mauritius for kids

With the rush of the summer holidays, I seem to find a lot of you favoring a trip to Mauritius. One general query that I seem to be getting – Is there anything for kids? Are there any safaris that you can take them to? There are just tons of things to do in Mauritius as a family but when it come to wildlife safaris, let me admit that Mauritius does not have a diverse endemic wildlife as compared to many of the other African nations. A lot of their animals are near extinction or are already extinct – like the famous dodo bird. There are a few nature safaris that you could opt for, but they are likely to leave you thirsty for more. Besides for kids, you might want to consider an interactive encounter with the wildlife in the safe environment of the nature parks of Mauritius.

Nature Parks of Mauritius:

The nature parks of Mauritius are not just about wildlife. They offer you plenty of other entertainment options that make it fun for a family with kids. From water activities and petting corner for younger kids to the adventure activities for an older one, the safe and entertaining environment within this parks sometimes merits a complete day in your itinerary to enjoy it all. Here are three nature parks of Mauritius that are likely to appeal to you for a kid-friendly holiday in Mauritius.

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