Experience the best of Mauritius

Famous for its pristine beaches, dazzling natural beauty and a very vibrant capital, Mauritius is a hidden African jewel in the heart of the Southern Hemisphere. Far from the chaotic madness of the world, this peaceful island country is home to panoramic landscapes, an unusual history and offers a plethora of activities for nature lovers, honeymoon backpackers, adventure seekers and gypsy souls. With a population of just 1.256 million, the country is a unique blend of Indian, French and African cultures. On planning the visit, I thought Mauritius would just be like any other island nation with seafood and beaches in abundance but turns out it is much more than the cliché. The country is quite culturally rich and takes pride in its values and religions, hence you see the many temples and remote churches on almost every nook and corner. Mauritius is diverse and tolerant thanks to the many ethnicities and nationalities that exist here. The visit, nonetheless, is a soul-searching experience that leaves you with ever-lasting memories.

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