The magic of Mauritius

Written by Neeta Lal

With its crystal blue waters, powdery beaches and a tropical climate, Mauritius is a magnet for honeymooners and affluent jet setters, seeking the holy trinity of sun, sand and surf. But there’s so much more to this idyllic paradise, situated off the south-east coast of Africa, than coconuts and days upon days of snorkelling!

Venture beyond the luxury of your resort and Mauritius will enchant you with its mix of culture, wildlife, golfing greens, delicious food, great shopping and a pulsating nightlife. There’s alluring history too. The island’s roots go back to include descendants of African slaves and Indian labourers, and a legacy of Dutch, French and British colonisation resulting in a charming mosaic of cultures, cuisine and warm people.

A comfortable seven-hour Air Mauritius flight delivers me blinking into bright Mauritian sunshine. After driving for an hour along the island’s palm-fringed coast, I reach the western tip of the island ~ a scenic peninsula that is home to the Dinarobin Hotel. Flanked by a staggering volcanic mountain range, the property nestles at the foot of a towering, purple-hued lava peak called Le Morne.

The hotel’s ocean-facing suite, glassy water bodies straddling boardwalks, as well as a raft of restaurants, encourage me to lead a convalescent life. A scenic stretch of white coral sand fringing a sporting playground includes an 18- hole international-standard golf course here.

Golf buggies purr around the grounds while cardinal birds chatter, exuding exotic serenity. My double-storey suite contains everything I could wish for from a well appointed five-star resort , including an insect-repellent body lotion although I never saw any insects.

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