Why Mauritius’ cuisine is a melting pot of European, African and punchy Asian flavours

Written by Neeta Lall

Try our crocodile meat curry. It’s delicious.” The manager at The Hungry Crocodile restaurant at La Vanille Nature Park in south Mauritius, home to Nile crocodiles, Aldabra giant tortoises and other such exotica, urges me to dig into a creature I live in singular dread of. Yet, I capitulate.

And sample the dish for academic purposes. Much to my surprise, the meat isn’t half bad and, after a few mouthfuls, even starts tasting like chicken.

In Mauritius, exotic meats and robust flavours rule, epitomising the island’s happy embrace of diverse cultures. The cuisine of the island, located off Africa’s southeast coast, is a melting pot of European and African influences and punchy Asian flavours.

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